Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Unsolicited Mail-in Ballots


Imagine that the only way to negate another from cheating at poker is for you to also cheat. When both poker players are cheating … the evening will not end well. — Fletcher

Pilgrim, I recently wrote comparing unsolicited mail-in voting to the three-card monte game … see: Apt Analogy … but I didn’t provide the mechanics … only the consequences. So I’ve here decided to fill in some of the blanks.

Unsolicited mail-in balloting is a dangerous way to run an election … as it requires many additional safeguards that, if non-existant … or poorly performed … crate a highway for election fraud. Here is what can go wrong:

* If the election rolls are not constantly scrubbed, then unsolicited ballot will be sent to many ineligible (moved, in prison, felons, under-age, demented or dead people). 

* Also such ballots are out from control of the election authorities and are therefore subject to being coerced, pre-voted, altered or counterfitted.

* When these ballots are returned … particularly if unmonitored drop-boxes are used …  they need a rigorous screening. …which often doesn’t happen. The Maricopa audit of the 2020 mail-in ballot ENVELOPES showed over 60 thousand whose votes should have been discarded … but weren’t. These included, duplicate votes, underage voters, late votes, dead voters, out-of-precinct voters, mismatched signatures, ineligible addresses, etc. Most of these failings would be caught were voters required to show up in person.

* The sheer volume of universal mailed-in ballots opens the opportunity for unscrupulous actual vote counting … including double counting, under-counting and late counting. This is often revealed when the number of counted votes exceeds the number of registered voters … or even the number of adults in a precinct!

* There are myriad other possible problems — broken vote tally machines, a hacked voter amalgamation process, etc., … but these problems can also occur even with in-person voting.

Pilgrim, I hope I have highlighted the potential opportunities for influencing the results of unsolicited mail-in voting. Right now, most of this leverage appears to favor Democrats. But eventually Republicans might also learn the mechanicals of such rigging? Perhapsonly then will unsolicited mail-in voting be outlawed.



DEN said...

There is no question that unsolicited mail-in ballots invites suspicion of fraud.
Despite that, no evidence has been discovered that would support the denier allegations about the 2020 presidential election. Your oft-repeated claim about the 60,000 envelopes was never proven. When the Cyber Ninjas were ordered to produce documentation for this claim, they could not. Shortly thereafter they went out of business.
Your argument sidesteps whether solicited mail-in and early voting actually leads to fraud. Again, no one has proven a case in court to support the claims of 2020 deniers.
Stop welshing on the bet you lost!

George W. Potts said...

Always and reliably, you employ weasel words … not “suspicions of fraud” … actual fraud. As has always been the case, opportunity begets execution. The Maricopa audit was an exhaustive indictment of what happened there. Had you read it, you would not have sheepishly followed the debunking media narrative. It’s statistics, scrupulously collected by dozens of workers, cannot be denied … no matter who the contractor was.

DEN said...

But it WAS denied by Maricopa because they could not show evidence of their allegations. Judge fined them for not producing a shred of evidence. The entire audit was dismissed and the company folded rather than show their work. Look it up!
You still avoid the distinction between unsolicited and solicited.
The so-called fraud is a projection of your gullible, corrupt mindset.

George W. Potts said...

See: https://electionfraud20.org/in-detail/maricopa-arizona-forensic-audit-report-results/