Tuesday, November 15, 2022


House GOP presses toward leadership elections despite post-midterm disarray

Biden meets Xi amid heightened China-U.S. tensions

Texas targets Philadelphia as next Democrat-run city to send buses of illegals to after D.C., NYC and Chicago 

Control of House can be decided by close California races

Voters of color did move to the right — just not at the rates predicted

Zelensky visits Kherson as alleged war crimes emerge; land mines pose a danger to liberators

Conservatives make gains in school board races

Jon Voight: Only Trump can stop the swamp, ‘pray’ he returns as president

Senate control guarantees many more judges for Democrats

SpaceX just bought a big ad buy on Twitter for StarLink

Will Biden ditch VP Harris before 2024 election?

Kari Lake trails Hobbs by 26,000 after Maricopa results


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