Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Obvious Truth

The attempted persecutions of Donald Trump are obsessive and far exceed the limits of justice … and for what? Loving his country and doing a crackerjack  job of running it for four years?

And the lunatic Left cannot give meaningful rationales for such attempted subjugation. 

Doubt me? 

Ask them … all their reasons are either trivial or imagined!

Need more evidence?

These same never-Trumpers overlook mountains of hard evidence that the anti-Trump … by the name of Joe Biden … is corrupt to his very core … and running the country poorly.



DEN said...

You MAGAs are deluded if you think Corporal Bonespurs, the author of the Jan 6 attempt to overturn the election, loves America. If, by "cracker jack," you mean a box full of sticky popcorn with a shiny, worthless prize inside, I would agree with you.
Did his China tariffs contribute to inflation? Did his Afghanistan policy lead to the shit-show that you blame on Biden? Did he steal classified documents? Did he call Raffensberger in Georgia and demand that he change votes? Did he throw Pence under the bus for being a patriot? These are neither trivial or imagined.

George W. Potts said...

You imagine that Trump’s tariffs didn’t help U.S. manufacturing. So why hasn’t Biden rescinded them?

You imagine how Trump would deal with the Afghan pullout as stupidly as Biden. No evidence … just speculation.

You imagine that Trump directed the Capitol invasion … yet 2 years of Jan 6 hearings has turned up no hard evidence. Do you really think Jack Smith will pursue the FBI’s obvious involvement as agent provocateurs?

You imagine that Trump demanded that Georgia reverse the election without an investigation despite ample evidence that there was a fraud committed. There has not been a conviction of this charge … not yet even an indictment.

Even WaPo now admits Trump didn’t “steal” classified documents. Again imagining a FBI-leaked narrative.

You imagine that Trump threw Pence under the bus when you can’t even describe the bus … or evidence thereof.

Look in the mirror Tinkerbell.

DEN said...

Delusion is not just a river in Egypt. Tariff raised prices for consumers. Trump set the stage for catastrophic withdrawal by negotiating with Taliban instead of Afghan leaders. There is plenty of evidence of Trump's role in Jan6. DOJ needs to prosecute and will. No evidence of widespread fraud ANYWHERE has been established, except in the fuzzy spittle-flecked minds of MAGA.

George W. Potts said...

Like most Libs, you believe because you say it, it’s so. Hard evidence please …