Sunday, November 27, 2022


Newsom told the White House he won’t challenge Biden [in 2024]

Tech’s reality check: How the industry lost $7.4 trillion in one year

New Trump Special Counsel Jack Smith was involved in Obama-era Louis Lerner IRS scandal

70 percent of children age 7-12 now afraid of climate change — survey

Merkel: There was nothing I could do about Putin

Black Friday online sales to hit new record, expected to exceed $9 billion

Biden promises gun control push during lame-duck Congress

Mike Lindell says he’ll announce bid for RNC chair on Monday

Russian reservists being ‘killed in large numbers in frontal assaults’

Donald Trump dined with white supremacist, Holocaust denier, Nick Fuentes

Beijing grinds to a near halt as China’s capital city battles COVID with more lockdowns

U.S. bans new equipment sales from Huawei and eight other Chinese companies


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