Wednesday, November 09, 2022



Sandinistas complete their political domination of Nicaragua

From Teslas to BMWs, cars are piling up on land and at sea at the German port of Bremerhaven

Elon Musk endorses Republicans in midterms

Joe Biden promises climate activists in NY: ‘No more drilling’

Trump: Very big announcement coming Nov. 15

U.S. confirms it held talks with Kremlin over nuclear threat;  Ukraine hit by emergency power shutdowns

Court orders True the Vote leaders released from prison

PA voters scramble to cast new ballots after lawsuit …

Trump calls Pelosi ‘an animal’

House Speaker Pelosi says attack on husband will affect decision about remaining in leadership

Lol: KJP says Biden’s words on shutting down coal plants were twisted because it was ‘a bit loud and hard to hear’ outside

Hurricane watch [in] Florida …


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