Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Healthy Skepticism

From Mostly Cajun blog

The bad guys have gotten so sophisticated that we should never click on an email link, never truly believe the FBI, never take at face value what our president says … or never completely trust the results of an election.

Afterward: Isn’t it “funny” that the reason that Dave Chappell gave, in his SNL monologue, for being attracted to Trump was his candid honesty?



DEN said...

You apparently missed the irony behind Chappelle's nuanced "praise" when he called Trump "an honest liar." Because Trump doesn't try to hide his corrupt nature like all the other pols do. Chappelle is laughing at *all* of them. The leftie snowflakes get the joke and condemn him for calling them out. MAGA has lost its sense of humor and thinks he was saying nice things about Trump.
Stand Up for Satire!

George W. Potts said...

Humor is knife-edge ironic. That’s why blue and red both laugh. Did you?

DEN said...

I LOLed when Chappelle said that no sane person would steal "work" from the office.