Thursday, November 17, 2022

Trump’s 2024 Platform


On Monday, at Mar-a-Largo’s grand ballroom, ex-President Donald J. Trump announced his candidency for president in 2024. During an hour-plus low-key speech, he outlined what has been called his “manifesto”  for his next term in office. Here are are bullet points:

* Bring back trust in government

* Death sentences for drug dealers and human traffickers

* Term limits for Congress

* Restoring America’s energy independence

* Reduce inflation

* Restore American respectability with the world

* Unifying Americans

* Rehiring unvaxed military and front-line workers with back pay

* Voter ID, same-day voting and only paper ballots

* Banning transgender women from female sports

* Ban Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools

* Space flight to explore Mars

For details on this 2024 platform, see: Daily Mail article

Afterward: Pilgrim, have you wondered why much of the media called it his “manifesto?”



DEN said...

Are you dragging his maggot-infested zombie corpse out from under the bus? Be careful, he bites.

George W. Potts said...

If it is Biden v. Trump in ‘24, not only will he get elected … but you will vote for him.

DEN said...

Not unless he's running against Al Sharpton!
Look at Trump's track record. He's never won the majority vote. Most of his candidates lost last week. Biden is more popular than Trump. No one cares about Hunter's laptop or Benghazi.

George W. Potts said...

Just 76 million (live) Americans?