Wednesday, November 30, 2022

God’s Gifts

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe." - Albert Einstein

I am not a religious person but I do find it remarkable that man inhabits an ecosystem that enjoys a plethora of possible providential coincidences … any of which, if missing, would likely doom us. 

And there are other, often man-evolved extras (primarily, I think, stemming from man’s obsession toward species survival), which make our lives on Earth much more livable and tolerable. 

I have listed below many of these gifts, generally in order of importance, with a line separating those which seem essential versus those that are just palliative (the latter, collectively may be called civilization):

- Gravity/Celestial Dynamics – Otherwise the Earth and all of its creatures would go flying off into space

- Electricity/Magnetism – Otherwise the Sun’s cosmic rays would strip away our atmosphere and cook us all like so many shish-ka-bobs

- Atomic Fusion/Fission – Otherwise our Sun would be provide us no warmth, light, or sustenance … with predictable results

- Photons/Electromagnetic Spectrum – Otherwise we would be without light and all the benefit that light and other radiations provide us

- The Limit of Speed (Speed of Light) – Otherwise all the radiation from all the universe’s sources would be instantaneous and very likely lethal

- Number and Variety of Elements (Periodic Table) – Life could not exist without this wide array of elemental building blocks

- Earth’s Self-Regulating Atmosphere – Without these feedback mechanisms (including the ozone layer), our planet would be as devoid of life as Mars or our moon

- Carbon dioxide — the basis of all nutrition and thus life itself

- Photosynthesis – Otherwise the source of all nourishment on Earth would not exist and carbon dioxide might smother our atmosphere

- Light Ice – Ice, strangely, being lighter than water, floats and insulates the water beneath it … otherwise, life might only exist within our tropics

- Combustion (Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Cycle) – Otherwise energy and what it brings to life (locomotion, warmth, etc.) would be very scarce

- DNA/Evolution/Organic Chemistry – Otherwise life, if it existed at all, would be extremely primitive and short-lived

 - Vast Variety of Molecules/Inorganic  Chemistry – Otherwise, most of our planet’s basics (water, carbon dioxide, ozone, etc.) would not exist

- Water's Capillary Action -- Otherwise water and its solutes could not travel against the pull of gravity and most plants would not exist

- Carbon-Based Life Forms – Other-element-based life forms are problematic and, if sustainable, would be quite inefficient


- The Concept of Time – Keeps man grounded relative to his limited lifespan

- Human Procreation/Sex -- Enables man to ensure the continuation of his species

- Crop Cultivation – Enables man to manage his carbohydrate food supply and thus to multiply and prosper

- Animal Husbandry -- Enables man to manage his protein food supply and thus to flourish

- Language/Writing/Information Technology -- Enables man to pass on useful information efficiently and thus maintain a knowledge base

- Man’s Creativity/Tool-building Genius -- Enables man to multiply his muscle and brain power and thus to thrive

- Man’s Work Ethic -- Enables man to better utilize his time and thus be more productive

- The Scientific Method/Mathematics -- Enables man to better understand his condition and thus control life’s randomness

- Doctoring/Medicine -- Enables man to survive longer and therefore magnify his productivity with experience

- Money/Accounting/Economics -- Enables man to understand and organize his endeavors better and thus to prosper

- Social Organization/Government (occasionally benign) – Enables better cooperation and efficiency within man’s societal groups

- Man’s Emotions (Humor/Love/Fear/Hate/etc.) – Inspires man to higher levels of achievement

- Religion/Ethics – Meant to provide the society of man with more benevolent motivations and, thus, less self-destructive strife ... and religion helps mankind deal with the vagaries and randomness of life

- Beauty/Aesthetics – Provides man with a more satisfying life experience and an avenue to celebrate his uniqueness

- Taste Buds/Odor Receptors – Motivates man to eat a wider variety of foods and therefore achieve better nourishment

- Music/Harmonic Scales – Provides man with a more relaxing life experience and, therefore, less anxiety

- Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches – on toasted rustic white bread with fresh ground pepper and lots of mayonnaise


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