Thursday, November 24, 2022

Eternity is a Very Long Time


Most religions promise their loyal followers that, if they follow their pious tenants, they will spend eternity in some sort of nervana.

Now eternity is an awfully long time and most religions do not provide specifics as to how their faithful will occupy themselves for forever and ever.

However, there is one exception … Islam promises 72 virgins to its martyrs. But, 72 virgins might keep martyrs occupied for a few years, even decades … but not for eternity.

So, Pilgrim, I am unable to imagine what I might do for even a few centuries let alone for eternity … so I think I might opt out of this eternity thing. … not that this means I will start living my life like a politician or something.

Just let me live and die in peace … and let that be it.


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