Tuesday, November 29, 2022



The GOP’s great party reckoning takes place at the state party level

Kremlin denies Russia is about to withdraw from nuclear power plant; ‘ugly’ clash erupts between Kyiv officials

SEC chair plans to unveil big changes after FTX implosion

West has ‘misplaced optimism’ in ability to defeat Russia: German MEP

Mexico’s president leads massive march in support of his government

The U.S. is ‘certainly’ still in a COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Fauci says

McCarthy struggling to obtain 218 votes in House speaker’s race

Trinity College dean backs woke sermon claiming Jesus had ‘trans body’

Fauci on COVID lab leak theory: “I have a completely open mind’

UK property demand slides 44% after market-rocking mini-budget

Unredacted CDC docs reveal how Fauci attempted damage control on Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Donald Trump: Kanye West ‘a seriously troubled man’


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