Sunday, October 23, 2022

Interesting Factoid

 The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet

Not quite up to the minute

When Biden was inaugurated, the Federal Reserve’s  balance sheet roughly stood at $4 trillion. It now stands at around $9 trillion!

This represents how much our money supply has increased .. more than doubled … in under two years!

Is it any wonder we are experiencing run-away inflation?

(Had the Fed not monetized Biden’s fire-hose spending, the market would have increased interest rates all on its own. … and saved the Fed the headaches.)

Afterward: There is reason to suspect there is a hidden agenda to our current raging inflation …. diminishing the economic threat of our national debt that has exceeded our GNP … which is a well-understood danger signal. We did this once before coming out of World War II with an equivalent burdensome debt which was also cured (monetized) with inflation.


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