Saturday, October 15, 2022



House Democrats retrench as as GOP money floods the map

British bond yields fall after UK PM Liz Truss announces a news conference

Jan 6 Committee subpoenas Trump in last-ditch effort to garner attention

Supreme Court will not intervene in Mar-a-Largo raid case

Police: white, male juvenile kills 5 in North Carolina

Mark Zuckerberg says he missed a giant shift in social networking

Parkland parents furious after jury fails to recommend death penalty

Consumer prices surge higher than expected, up 8.2%

DeSantis agrees to election changes in storm-battered area

Musk says SpaceX will stop funding StarLink terminals in Ukraine; Russia starts Kherson evacuation

Arizona GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters deadlocked with Democrat incumbent Mark Kelly: poll

Kremlin officials warn of ‘catastrophic’ World War III


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