Monday, October 31, 2022


Law enforcement agencies rush to assess new threats to lawmakers

Pelosi says her family is ‘heartbroken and traumatized’ by the brutal attack on her husband

Whistleblower: FBI made Jan 6 higher priority than child porn

Paul Pelosi attacker arrested in underware, promoted conspiracy in manifesto

South Korea in grief, shock as 151 die in Halloween crowd surge

EU urges Russia to revoke Ukraine Black Sea grain deal suspension

Elon Musk set to purge up to 50% of Twitter’s workforce

Paul Pelosi attacker lived in bus donned with left-wing slogans: ‘Ain’t no sunshine until capitalism gone’

Poland picks Westinghouse to build its first nuclear power plant

The market is moving in-line with seasonal patterns almost perfectly — post midterms rally next?

Obama blames Republicans for crime spree

Police dispatch audio: Paul Pelosi when calling cops said, ‘He doesn’t know who the male is but his name is David and he is a friend’


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