Monday, October 17, 2022



China’s Xi calls for military growth as party congress opens

Xi warns against foreign interference in Taiwan, says China will ‘never promise to renounce’ force

Clinton pollster: Republicans moving closer to ‘wave election’ in midterms

Climate extremists in court after vandalizing Van Gogh [painting] with soup

Blaze, shots heard from prison in Iran capital amid protests

Meta documents show main metaverse is losing users and falling short of goals, report says

Devin Nunes says Durham ‘being blocked’ by someone at DOJ

Analysts move New York gov. race from ‘leans Dem’ to ‘tossup’

‘The hell with it’: Elon Musk will fund Ukraine’s StarLink after all

Trump Media fired whistleblower after he talked to Washington Post, shared documents

Voters say top issues facing country are inflation, economy and immigration

DC now has 120 homeless tent cities …


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