Sunday, October 23, 2022



Republicans gain steam in Senate battle

China shuffles leadership committee and retains many Xi allies

Steve Bannon sentenced to 120 days for defying Jan 6 witch-hunt — released pending appeal

Federal Appeals Court temporarily blocks Biden student debt forgiveness program

Giorgia Meloni becomes Italy’s first female prime minister

Jan 6 Capitol riot committee subpoenas former President Trump

Federal deficit tops $1.4 trillion in fiscal year 2022– nearly 50% higher than pre-pandemic

Biden: John Fetterman’s wife ‘going to be a great lady in the Senate’

House Dem super PAC makes late cash plea

FBI found files containing classified intel on China and Iran at Mar-a-Largo

Judge to allow states to depose Fauci, Biden and others in social-media censorship case

Silver: Senate now a toss-up


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