Friday, October 21, 2022



Republicans who support abortion rights are fighting for their political future

Elon Musk says Tesla is ‘pedal to the metal’ even with potential recession

Red Wave growing: Ten more races move in favor of Republicans

Left-wing activists attack Herschel Walker at event, calling him ‘House N-word’

New  Zealand farmers take to the streets to protest cow-burp tax plan

GOP holds big leads on key economic issues ahead of the November elections, CNBC survey finds

CDC panel votes unanimously to add COVID vax to child immunization schedule

Iran vs. Turkey in Ukraine drone proxy war

Inclusive action by corporations can diversify the STEM workforce

Russia’s scorched earth tactics will not win, Germany says; Kyiv tells men to resist Russian conscription

Biden DOJ charges another pro-life activist

Trump prosecutors see evidence for obstruction charges …


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