Monday, October 24, 2022


CDC director tests positive for CoVID-19

U.S. consumer is soldiering on despite soaring inflation and recession risks, credit card giants say

GOP governors push back against CDC adding COVID vax to child immunization schedule

Mitch McConnell pulls PAC ads out of New Hampshire

Hungary to ratify NATO bids of Sweden and Finland by year end, Orban’s chief of staff says

Boris Johnson battling to win support for fresh prime minister bid

Congress trying to push through another $50 billion in Ukraine spending

AK Republican Lisa Murkowski pledges to vote for Democrat over Palin

Russia intensifies air strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure

Five years after hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s power grid is still costly and unreliable

Republicans win major election integrity ruling against Michigan Secretary of State

Xi tightens grip … The new Mao …


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