Tuesday, October 11, 2022



NY Rep. Lee Zeldin says 2 people shot outside his home

Nobel economics prize awarded to U.S.-based economists including Bernanke for work on crises

Biden admin pays for growing army of staff to deflect Hunter Biden probe

Twitter takes down Florida surgeon general’s vaccine guidance

Russian ally cancels Russian-led military drill on its land

Chinese chip stocks tumble after U.S. calls for new curbs on nigh-end tech

Ex-DNI Ratcliff ‘surprised’ by Hunter Biden investigation leaks

Pompeo: Biden’s Armageddon comment ‘reckless’

Arizona’s Dem governor candidate steadfast against debate

Multiple missile strikes in Kyiv and other cities; Putin claims responsibility, vows ‘harsh response’

CDC will stop reporting daily COVID cases

Vlad ‘in corner’ with options narrowing …


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