Monday, October 17, 2022

A Bright Line


The bright line in world politics is between the globalists and the nationalists.

Trump and MAGAs are nationalists.

I don’t think Biden knows it but he is a globalist.

Greenies are clearly globalists … as are RINOs.

The World Economic Forum is the epicenter of globalism.

Putin has sullied the name of nationalism … but, at the same time, shown the folly of globalism.

Globalism is winning at the moment.

Xi might hold off invading Taiwan as it would be far too nationalistic a move.

Netanyahu is clearly an Israeli nationalist … but with a hint of  “regional globalism.”

Most American corporations are globalists … at their longer-term peril.

Iran and North Korea are nationalists … but Trump only favored the latter.

The United Nations is a hollowed-out vestige of globalism.

As is the European Union.

The Biden puppeteers are toying with forming an “American Union” with USA, Mexico and Canada.

This globalism-nationalism cleavage is causing most of the world’s strife.

The arc of history favors nationalism.

Afterward: Woodrow Wilson was one of the original globalists.



Tom Grow said...

The bright line is between Democracy and Fascism.

You are reactionaries. You are still in the 1880s and looking to the steel mills to make us strong. Of course, their success was predicated on selling abroad. Stand up for internationalism.

George W. Potts said...

What has the UN accomplished in the last 20 years that has made a difference?