Sunday, October 09, 2022


Blast on Russian bridge to Crimea threatens Moscow supply route

Tesla stock has its worst week since March, 2020 during a ‘very intense’ 7 days for Elon Musk

NYC Mayor Adams declares state of emergency over illegals bused in from Texas

NYC wants $1 billion to help exploit Biden’s migrants

Arizona appeals court reinstates injection blocking abortion ban

Unemployment rate falls to 3.5% in September, payrolls rise by 263,000 as job market stays strong

Dems underwater on top issues heading into midterms

Kayne: ‘I’m pro-life,’ ‘I care about’ black babies aborted in NYC

Biden issues new rules to cut off microchip supply to China

FDA clears vaccine to prevent whooping cough in newborns by giving shot to moms during pregnancy

Man charged in deadly Las Vegas mass stabbings is illegal alien with criminal record

Putin’s prized bridge destroyed…


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