Thursday, February 08, 2024


The following is an email conversation between two friends and myself spawned by a comment by me on a Zoom call that Biden, when he was VP, had signed a directive that Chinese companies listed on American stock exchanges did not have to undergo annual audits by an accredited accounting firm.

Friend: Could begin to explain the $10,000,000 paid to Biden family members?

Me: Highly likely … but difficult to prove.


Other friend: Thanks for the link, George - but what it says is that the Biden administration has been tightening the audit requirement, not that he waived it....and that tightening has limited Chinese firms raising funds in the US market.

Me: I thought that showing auditing rules were being tightened meant that they were loose to begin with. I was impatient in my search as results are hard to find looking back in time. I just spent more time and found this at about page 6 … “

Maria Bartiromo mentions the Biden likely quid pro quo at least once a week on FoxBusiness.

Me: I decided to try AI on this issue and asked Google Bard the following question: Did Biden sign a waver of audit requirements for Chinese companies listed on American stock exchangss?

And got the answer: Elections are a complex topic with fast-changing information. To make sure you have the latest and most accurate information, try Google Search.

So much for the future …

Other friend: Yup!


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