Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Gender Gyrations

Pilgrim, it seems to me that there  has been a sub rosa trope driving a lot of what is happening  these days … the war between the sexes. It seems clear that in most of the free world, the female side has been ion a roll for years … so much so that it has become a reason for men to pretend to be women.

My speculations have been foolish sometimes … and I have another one — there seems to be a counteroffensive by our testosterone set. Why do I say this? Here are some clues:

* A growing pushback against woke … like with Bud Light

* The metastasis of hostile conflicts around the world … males are warmongers

* The successes of strong male political leaders … Milei in Argentina, Netanyahu in Israel, Zerensky in Ukraine, Trump in America, etc.

* A very popular Taylor Swift’s being smitten with a NFL hero, Travis Kelce 

* Las Democrats … versus Los Republicans


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