Tuesday, February 13, 2024



Congressional Dems warn of grim future for US cyber agency under Trump

Musk denies selling StarLink terminals to Russia after Kyiv alleges their use in occupied terrritories

Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl LVIII

IDF rescues 2 Israeli hostages in Rafah

GOP senators defy Trump by advancing foreign aid bill

Elon Musk must testify in SEC probe of his Twitter takeover

Senate breaks filibuster to advance $95 billion foreign aid bill

The Mouth: Trump tells cheering crowd he would encourage Russia to attack NATO for not paying sues …

Defense Secretary Austin returns to hospital

Russia’s economy ‘in for very tough times’ despite improved growth outlook, IMF chief says

Damning poll: 86% say Biden too old to be president

Update: Off-duty cops stop female shooter at Osteen’s Houston mega church …


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