Wednesday, February 14, 2024



Get used to it: Biden isn’t going anywhere

Super Bowl 58 was the most-watched television show ever with 123 million viewers

‘Free Palestine’ written on gun of transgender Lakewood church  shooter

Squatters taking over homes on ‘industrial scale’ …

Senate GOP campaign arm endorses Kari Lake

China and Russia no longer perceived as top security threats, research finds

Biden DOJ uses KKK-era charge to extend possible prison time for pro-life activists from 1 to 11 years

Trump endorses Michael Whatley for RNC chair, Lara Trump for co-chair

GOP impeachment investigators want special counsel’s Biden records

Trump asks Supreme Court to delay a presidential immunity ruling in 2020 election case

Trump attends Florida hearing in special counsel’s classified docs case 

McConnell latest Republican bulwark against MAGA …


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