Wednesday, February 07, 2024



Is Anthony Blinken too nice to be Secretary of State?

Bankrupt trucker Yellow repays $700 million COVID loan, teamsters blast ‘failed executives’ 

El Salvador’s tough-on-crime president Nayib Bukele re-elected —- wins 83% of vote while nearest competitor wins 7% 

NYPD: Migrant moped gang terrorizing New York attacks elderly woman 

Senate’s border deal teeters on brink of collapse

Senate Republicans threaten to block border security bill they negotiated

NBC poll: Trump sees biggest lead yet vs. Biden

McConnell turns against border bill

King Charles III’s cancer ‘caught early’ says PM Rishi Sunak

Tucker Carlson reportedly seen leaving Putin’s office,; tensions rise at Russian-held nuclear plant

Biden to skip Super Bowl interview again

Historic storm slams California … Over 11 inches of rain …


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