Friday, February 16, 2024

College Presidents

Dartmouth College

I have recently posted about the growth in female college presidents …  Female College Presidents … and contrasted the number of all-female vs. all-male colleges … Interesting Factoids.

I have been also trying to determine how many men are presidents of female colleges … and in the process came across this trove of information about college presidents: The American Cillege President — 2023 Edition.

It is chock full of demographic crosstabs about this population of administrators … well worth scanning.

Unfortunately, due to my limited eyesight, I have yet to discover that elusive statistic about the number of men running all-female colleges. I’ll keep looking and …if you will … you are welcome to help.


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ChillFin said...

What is your point? How many Black, handicapped, Jewish women are college presidents? There's a demographic that will check boxes !