Friday, February 09, 2024

Catch 81

There is Catch 22 … and then there is Catch 81 … which Special Counsel Hur  just served up. 

Special Counsel Robert Hur has released his report on his investigation into Joe Biden’s documents case. Hur determined that Biden ‘willfully retained and disclosed classified material after he was vice president” … see: NY Post article.

However, in so many words, this report decides that Biden cannot be prosecuted because his mind is shot and he would find great sympathy from any jury.

Yet he is still our functioning president … making consequential decisions of worldwide import. 




DEN said...

How can the deep state and weaponized justice department allow this kind of negative report go public?

Let us not forget the difference between Trump's refusals to acknowledge or give access to sensitive docs in his possession to Investigators, and Biden's complete cooperation in returning the docs to safe-keeping.

George W. Potts said...

An apologist to the end … Read the presidential documents act and subsequent court decisions … Clinton was allowed to keep what he wanted.

I believe the law creating the special counsel requires a public report at the conclusion of the investigation.