Thursday, February 22, 2024

Russian Policy Missteps

The cleavage in the dominate policy toward Russia began shortly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. … when it floated the idea of its joining NATO. President Clinton rejected this initiative while, at the same time, promoting China with “mist favored nation” trading designation.

Was Putin really in charge then?  Memory tells me that the NATO discussion centered around security: it would give Russia access to all our secrets (all the ones they did not already have).

My point is this — could we have nudged Russia onto a more benign tract … maybe with a conditional membership in NATO? And, instead of recommending the doling out of Russian industries to friends of Putin, the oligarchs … his source of power … maybe somehow distribute ownership to the Russian people .

We botched an opportunity. … I think it was Jeffery Sachs who was the U.S. adviser who flibbed the dub.


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