Saturday, December 04, 2021

The Art of the Deal

President Trump wrote a book titled “The Art of the Deal” and prides himself on his ability to negotiate with his opposites. Did he carry this skill with him into the White House?

OK pilgrims, lets list some of Trump’s negotiation successes during his term: 

 - across-the-board tax cuts

- immigrant Stay in Mexico agreement

- finagled 450 miles of Mexican border wall

- executed permits for Keystone XL pipeline

- dramatically reduce bureaucratic regulations

- minority economic opportunity zones

- moved Federal court system back to the right

- achieved Mideast Abraham Accords

- refunded our military

- Phase 1 China trade deal

- Kim’s no missile and nuke tests

- Quad (Japan, Australia, India, U.S.) pact

- strengthening NATO finances

- trade deals with S. Korea and Japan

- Afghan pullout deal with Taliban (not completed)

- Syrian pullout

- USMCA (NAFTA replacement)

- moving our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

- stopped the Russian Nordstrom pipeline into Germany

- Space Force

- opened up ANWR in Alaska for oil drilling

- terrorist countries travel bans

- COvID travel bans

- Operation Warpspeed for COvID vaccines

- Defense Production Act to produce ventilators/PPP

- multilateral Iran sanctions

- and many more

Quite an impressive list, no?



ChillFin said...

It is impressive. But he is was. He should assemble his papers into his presidential library, concede defeat, write a book, and play more golf.

George W. Potts said...

Please make a list of Biden’s deals … 1/4 as large? If not, you will understand why Trump got 12 million more votes than the first time.

George W. Potts said...

And Biden just lifted sanctions on Iran … despite the fact that Blinken says that Iran is not sincere in entering into these new negotiations. Sorry to say, but Biden is a blooming idiot. Hurray!

George W. Potts said...

And the reason he is an idiot is he gives away the store first and then expects the other side to give back. Sigh!

DEN said...

- across-the-board tax cuts - mainly benefiting large corporations
- immigrant Stay in Mexico agreement - Biden has renegotiated this
- finagled 450 miles of Mexican border wall - unfinished project.
- executed permits for Keystone XL pipeline - What pipeline? I don't see one.
- dramatically reduce bureaucratic regulations - mainly EPA protections. How does this help keep people safe?
- minority economic opportunity zones - Poorly executed, became windfall for rich.
- moved Federal court system back to the right - primarily Mitch McConnell's doing.
- achieved Mideast Abraham Accords - Jared's folly. Where is the promised peace?
- refunded our military - Did we really need more planes? Where was military intelligence in Afghanistan? Syria?
- Phase 1 China trade deal - It was a flop, mainly due to unwillingness to drop tariffs.
- Kim’s no missile and nuke tests - was renounced by Kim Dec 2019
- Quad (Japan, Australia, India, U.S.) pact - That began in 2004
- strengthening NATO finances - OK we agree on this one.
- trade deals with S. Korea and Japan - minor changes to existing agreements. Overblown claims of new jobs are “aspirational at best,”
- Afghan pullout deal with Taliban (not completed) - Your point? The pullout would have been a disaster for Trump as it was for Biden (Same military)
- Syrian pullout - was temporary, allowed ISIS to get stronger, undercut Kurd allies, 600 US troops are still there

Do I need to go on?

ChillFin said...

The Iran deal included China, France, Germany, Russia, the US and the UK. The deal was to limit its nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief. We reinstated the sanctions. They resumed development. What a surprise. There was no store given away. We can turn sanctions back on.

George W. Potts said...

Apologists both. And opinionated and uninformed to boot.

George W. Potts said...

For anyone curious about DEN’s unfounded assertions:

The Quad: from Wikipedia:
The Quad ceased following the withdrawal of Australia during Kevin Rudd’s tenure as prime minister, reflecting ambivalence in Australian policy over the growing tension between the United States and China in the Asia-Pacific. Following Rudd's replacement by Julia Gillard in 2010, enhanced military cooperation between the United States and Australia was resumed, leading to the placement of US Marines near Darwin, Australia, overlooking the Timor Sea and Lombok Strait. Meanwhile, India, Japan, and the United States continued to hold joint naval exercises under Malabar.

During the 2017 ASEAN Summits in Manila, all four former members led by Abe, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and US President Donald Trump agreed to revive the quadrilateral alliance in order to counter China militarily and diplomatically in the South China Sea. Tensions between Quad members and China have led to fears of what was dubbed by some commentators as "a new Cold War" in the region.[3][4][5][6][7]

Abraham Accords:
your homework:

Remain in Mexico:
More homework:

Minority Economic Zones:

Trump tax cuts:

More homework:

and now the Dems are trying to increase the SALT l deduction from $10k to $70k+ … would greatly benefit the rich in high tax states. Hmm?

China Phase 1 Trade dea:


China’s response was the Wuhan/Fauci virus being unleashed on world. Yes, they want tariffs removed … and Biden, being a doofus negotiator, is likely to do so … whereas Trump would have dealt with China’s Phase 1 failure with higher tariffs still … the correct response.

Pilgrim … now you know how internet trolls ply their trade …

ChillFin said...

? I gave you facts not opinion. And how am I uninformed? Seems that Fox/Powerline/OANN is worthy source.

Jeremiah said...

There are none so blind as he who will not see.

George W. Potts said...


ChillFin said...

Well then, here we are again. Let's go, Potts!
I will debate you forever no more.