Saturday, November 27, 2021

SNL Suggestion

I have an idea for a cold open for Saturday Night Live … just a simple Biden presser …

Joe Biden so far is skating through Saturday night “comedy” openings. How come Lorne Michaels? His personality and speech mannerisms are a treasure trove of comedic opportunities: Smelling a girl’s hair, falling asleep, mispronouncing words, tag lines (“I mean it,” “This is no joke, “ “I’m not kidding”), forgetting names, “you know the thing,” whispering, repeating things,  being folksy, telling a long story going nowhere, waking away from questions, “I’m going to get in trouble for this,” shouting, coughing, long pauses (for earpiece prompts), reading from list of who to call on … enough?

And then there is his son, Hunter!

Even ol’ stick-in-the-mud me could write a knee slapper using this material.

C’mon you supposed purveyors of comedy … get off your stale lefty schtick! Even Bill Maher and Dave Chappelle have sensed the changing political winds!


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