Saturday, November 20, 2021

Nightmare? (Updated)

Pilgrim, let us suppose the worst case … that the Wuhan-Fauci virus or the mRNA vaccines eventually make most men sterile and most women barren  … effectively the equivalent of killing off most of the human species.. See: CNBC story. Is this a real possibility?

We have fought this pandemic without the benefit of knowing the long-haul consequences of this virus and vaccines … 

Are we living a nightmare?

Afterward: See: Conservative Treehouse post.



DEN said...

The article cited does not support the fear-mongering rhetoric. It stands to reason that women will delay pregnancies during a time of extreme uncertainty, such as a PANDEMIC.
Yes, the long term-effects of Virus and Vaccines can not be known at this time. Fact: The current population would be dramatically smaller without the vax. Recent numbers: Most of the hospitalizations and deaths from COVID are among the unvaccinated.

There is no scientific evidence that ANY vaccines cause infertility in either men or women.
There is some evidence that COVID-19 could cause fertility problems. The upside is that the Unvaxed will be less likely to raise more little anti-vaxxers. Win-win?

George W. Potts said...

You are right about possible fertility problems from the Wuhan-Fauci virus … see “”

And as far as the mRNA vaccines are concerned, neither you nor science really know the possible long-haul consequences. There have been far more averse side effects from these vaccines, both in number and quantity, than previously allowed. Could be nothing, or another Thalidomide.

But unlike the climate cultists’ assertions, my worries are only suppositions.

George W. Potts said...

Then again, the uninflected and unvaccinated may be the ones who carry on the human race …