Tuesday, November 16, 2021



Mar-a-Largo trespasser deported to China 2 years later

Taiwan in focus at Biden-Xi summit, as tariffs and supply-chain issues take a back seat

FBI email server hacked, spam emails sent to over 100,000 accounts

Holiday hell: 3 in 5 families banning unjabbed relatives from gatherings

Boris Johnson says COP 26 agreement ‘tinged with disappointment’

Entirely possible that we’ll see lower interest rates forever, asset manager says

North Dakota bans Critical Race Theory propaganda from public schools

New variant in France …

Sen. Barrasso declines to condemn Trump over Pence remarks

Mohamed Ei-Elian pours cold water on calls for $100 oil

Biden DEA to stop using the term ‘Mexican cartel’ to appease Mexico

Poll: Republicans hold largest lead in 40 years


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