Friday, November 26, 2021


I distinctly remember President Trump saying that he thought therapeutics would be more important than vaccines in combating the “China plague.” And this was after it was clear that his Operation Warpspeed had produced three effective vaccines. And I also remember scratching my head at this comment.

Now the new Wuhan-Fauci virus variants are emerging from South Africa to scare the piss out of the world … since, apparently, our current vaccines may be useless against them. So, we must pivot to therapeutics until our vaccines can be re-engineered. 

We, once again, see the genius of the Orangeman … for, despite the media’s disinterest in anti-viral drugs, they may be our saving grace. Now Merck and Pfizer have pills which are apparently highly effective in reducing hospitalizations and deaths from this plague. IF we can get them through our government’s bureaucracy and approved. Are you listening Sleepy Joe? Or are you focused on racism this week?

And these aren’t the only therapeutics … see: HHS site. And, because Trump was for therapeutics, they have been mostly down-played by our unhinged media and our current administration … the not-geniuses that they are.


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