Thursday, November 18, 2021


Sinema strikes back

Jim Cramer sees signs that inflation pressures are easing, believes Fed’s policy approach is right

Whistleblower docs reveal FBI using Counterterrorism Division to investigate parents

Biden to require booster? Will it never end!

Will the GOP go along with the COP26 pact?

EV start-up Lucid’s market value blows past Ford at $89 billion as shares skyrocket

Former Clinton advisor: GOP stands to pick up 70 seats in midterms

Study: No matter the age, 2 shots don’t last

EU arms itself against Russia, China with age-old tactic: A policy document

U.S. to sell cryptocurrency worth $56 million after record seizure in BitConnect fraud case

Nearly half of Americans say Biden hasn’t accomplished anything

Cancel culture: Wyoming GOP votes to no linger recognize Liz Cheney as a Republican


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