Sunday, November 21, 2021

Newsom Update


The Getty wedding with a masked Newsom

The Praetorian Guard has closed ranks around California Governor Newsom’s possible bout with Bell’s palsy after his COvID booster shot … see: Bell’s Palsy.

Now one source of this disclosure has answered the “fact checkers” in as complete a fashion as I have seen. Take a few minutes to read and understand how this game is played … see: Substack story … a source with a growing reputation for reliable reporting (Glenn Greenwald’s site.)

Afterward: See also Daily Mail article.



DEN said...

Your source says "Am I 100% certain? No." So it is, as usual, a nothingburger. And your inference that the alleged paralysis was because of a booster is empty and without merit. Again.
Besides, it would appear that BP is better than death.

Tell the pilgrims why You chose to get the booster. I'll wait.

George W. Potts said...

A nothingburger is 0% certain … far from 100% certain. You have a binary mind. I got a Pfizer booster (wanted the J&J) because I figured the cost-benefit analysis favored benefit … but was not without risk. Again not a 100% or a 0% decision. (BTW, I’ve already had side effects.)

DEN said...

Suspecting that "something happened" with Zero evidence is a "nothingburger" in my lexicon. What side effects are you suffering from your Booster shot beyond writing loopy blog posts?