Monday, November 22, 2021

Liberal Pipe Dreams


Liberals are living inside a bubble of silly ideas that they have elevated, with the help of an unhinged media, to loopy dogma status:

- Battery power will one day run heavy machinery, 18-wheel trucks, jet planes, space travel, even ocean liners.

- Gender is determined by a state of mind

- Our national media is unbiased … and seeks the truth

- Carbon dioxide and now methane are the only things affecting our climate

- Socialism will succeed if only properly implemented

- America is as racist today as it has ever been

- China is a competitor and not an enemy

- Guns are inherently evil and should be outlawed

- Government is top-down and not bottom-up

- Open borders are humanitarian, moral, and not at all dangerous

- President Biden is on top of things

- Trump colluded with Russia to win in 2016

- Voter fraud does not exist … or minimal at most

- The U.S. Constitution is hopelessly outdated

- Law enforcement is the problem, not the criminal set

- The current inflation is transitory

- If you are white, you are necessarily evil

Afterward; And a few more:

- Bail needs to be abolished even for violent felons

- All abortions, even right before birth, are a woman’s right

- It’s a human right to live, shoot up and defecate on public streets

- Shoplifting of less than $950 in goods is not worth prosecuting

- It’s alright to burn down businesses … they have insurance

- Most historic statues and legends need to be destroyed

- It’s alright for government to lie and cheat for the greater good — e.g., vaccine mandates

- Loss of bank account privacy

(I’ve gotta stop! And most of these kumquats are being implemented!)

Maybe an ice-cold shower?



DEN said...

As someone who you would call Liberal, I don't believe any of those things you listed-
except: the right of a woman to decide if/when she wants to give birth, and that voter fraud is rare (Where's the Kraken?) . Hardly anyone would agree with these Fox talking points. I submit that you are out-of-touch with reality.

George W. Potts said...

Then you are out of step with the parade you have chosen to march in. I contend that most non-Fox talking-heads either agree with these items … or avoid bring up them up out of embarrassment. Do you ever watch the view? Or Jen Psaki? Or Kieth Oberman? Or Joe Scarborough and his blow-up sex toy? Or even Sleepy Joe for that matter? Etc.

ChillFin said...

I am in step with you, Den. As we have done recently, George, I avoid bringing up these points because you counterpoint with demeaning, insulting retorts.
-- A moderate who is a likely voter.

George W. Potts said...

If you (and DEN) disagree with any of these liberal tenets, please inform us of your distaste. And also denounce the proponents of same … the Luv Gov (bail reform), John Kerry (evil carbon dioxide), Obama (gender bender), Bernie and AOC (Socialism), Sleepy Joe (China only competitor), Pelosi (top-down government), Mayorkus (open borders), Comey and Schiff (Trump-Russia collusion), Yellen (transitory inflation), Joe Biden (white supremacists) … I’ll stop now … you can complete this obvious exercise.

You two deny you agree with these loopy ideas … but support those who carry these flags. You are not moderates. Please look in the mirror and get to know thyselves.

ChillFin said...

In many countries, there are several parties so that those who do not subscribe to one party's tenets are not, therefore, supporters of the other party's tenets. Den and I would be one side or the other of center, willing to denounce both extremes. So do not say we support those with loopy ideas on the left. And as for self-examination, do so yourself.

George W. Potts said...

Yet, still you dance around and not one of the left’s above-listed agenda will you or DEN criticize … nor denounce its cheerleaders. C’mon man … just one! Bail reform? … that’s an easy one! Or open borders? DEN says he supports two, but doesn’t decry any. AOC (probably) won’t turn you into eunuchs!

Moderates, my ass!

ChillFin said...

I don’t get that a moderate must denounce, decry, and criticize people and policies that are not in their realm of support. You are just begging for a fight.

George W. Potts said...

If you support Biden and the crazy Dems, you de facto support his policies and actions. Yes, you might discard one or two … but … in for a penny, in for a pound. There were few to none Trump policies that his followers weren’t behind. The above list is your dogma whether you want to admit it or not. (Particularly since you are unwilling to denounce them.)

ChillFin said...

I like our republican governor. I like our democratic president. There are things that Dems are doing that I do not like. There are things that Trump did that I liked. Everything on both fringes is just noise. I am unaffiliated. I like American a-la-carte voting. It is a feeling that you are really deciding, not the party hardline. So back off with your assignments of "de facto" and "dogma". And I still won't denounce or belittle anyone.

George W. Potts said...

How I tell you (and DEN) are really partisan — you say what you like about Biden, but not what you dislike … and what you dislike about Trump, but not what you like. Haven’t you noticed?

ChillFin said...

Trump's accomplishments:
- Normalization in the Middle East
- Destruction of the ISIS caliphate in Syria and Iraq
- Speeding generic drug approval
- Criminal-justice reform
- New Space Force for national-security operations

Biden's failures:
- Awkward withdrawal from Afghanistan and walking away from Bagram
- Border policies and actions motivate more migrants
- Failing to sell legislation to the public

George W. Potts said...

Good … it’s a start. Now list Trump’s failures and Biden’s successes.

ChillFin said...

Trump's failures:
- Talking big about the wall and getting little of it done
- Talking big about the GOP health care plan and there is no evidence of any
- Not being enough of a citizen and patriot to support the election result and concede defeat
- Being"friends" with dictators but getting no agreements negotiated and signed
- The blatant high-income tax cut that had no effect on anyone else
- Made a deal with the Taliban that guaranteed that the government would collapse
- Gave hate and bullying a figurehead and a voice
- An ex-POTUS should STFU.

Biden's successes:
- Appointed cabinet members with the credentials for the scope of their roles
- Withdrew from Afghanistan. D.O.N.E.
- Stated that China is a competitor, not an enemy. You do NOT want a war with China.
- Got the infrastructure plan to pass with bipartisanship that pissed off the right for having several Repubs vote yay and pissed off several Dems, notably the Squad who voted nay.
- Got assistance to people laid off due to the pandemic
- Got the Build Back Better bill underway with broad ambitions getting negotiated to reach a point where health care, leave, and child care are equal to the best in the world.
- Refusing to acknowledge the vindictive judgements by Trump and his confederates.

George W. Potts said...

Thin gruel. What about Trump’s failures?

DEN said...

You insist that Pilgrims must denounce ideas/personalities that they don't agree with.
Yet, you have only benignly criticized Trump's "sandpaper personality," ignoring his constant lies, weakening the world standing of the USA, cynical attack on election integrity, weakening our military, record unemployment, emboldening our enemies, etc.

And, since you have not denounced the looney rants of people like Margorie Taylor Greene, I guess I should assume you believe (e.g.,)that California wildfires were started by Jewish lasers from space and similar conspiracies.

Stand Up For practicing what you preach

ChillFin said...

I did those in that posting. A lot of rallies, torn-up agreements, two-page deals, and phony patriotism.
Trump's failures were burned steaks with catsup.

George W. Potts said...

DEN: He refunded the military. I think you mean record pre-pandemic employment? … and please provide 5 non-disputable lies he told (more subjective BS) … and how did he empower our enemies … with engagement? I thought it was a good idea … lack of communication causes wars. I don’t care to defend MTG whatever she said.
ChillFin: the agreements you imply were not treaties because Congress would never ratify them. Phony patriotism is an ad hominem, not a failure. Give me objective stuff. But you do have something with that catsup zinger.

DEN said...

Biden inherited a weakened military that was unable to get out of Afghanistan gracefully. Our enemies (N.Korea, Russia, China) are testing missiles, thumbing their nose at the laughable space force.
I do not need to itemize his lies (you would dispute them anyway). I am still waiting for indisputable proof the there was massive election fraud (The Big Lie).

You don't care to defend MTG but you will not denounce her. Practice what you preach,

ChillFin said...

Failure is simply the inability to succeed. Trump, the master of the deal, liked deals that were basically a bluff closed with a handshake. NYC style, hi-rise, construction deals. Biden has the art of negotiation, the back and forth in politics that shapes a final agreement by all parties (without bringing in the entire world population on tweets).

Peace with NK. No more nukes and rockets. They shook hands on NK ground. Kim sent beautiful love letters. Where are they? Will they be in the Trump library when he stops being POTUS?

The biggest deal is not conceding defeat. It follows Bannon's mantra to tear it all down.
Bannon said “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Trump still persists in challenging the 2020 election to the point where or entire election mechanics in America are decried to the point where only in-person voting, purple finger dye would be acceptable but then who is counting the votes?

George W. Potts said...

Our enemies are testing missiles NOW … not last year … haven’t you noticed the difference? Biden (and Milley) own the Afghanistan debacle … not Trump. As far as election fraud is concerned … there are none so blind who will not see.

OK, I will denounce MTG if you will denounce Bernie, Swallwel, Schiff and/or the Squad.

ChillFin said...

I will denounce MTG, Bernie, Swallwel, Schiff and the Squad. The media has a hard time following a good solid progressive legislation yet flocks to whoever squawks the loudest.

Your point about enemy missiles is a good one. Trump got the rest of the world to avoid pissing off Trump because they feared what he would do and could do. Trump. Not the USA. Not out of respect. Fear. That's not how I want my country viewed in the world community.

George W. Potts said...

OK gang, I need to list a few of Trump’s agreements: tax cuts, Stay in Mexico policy, Mideast Abraham accords, Phase 1 China trade deal, Kim’s no missile and Nike tests, Quad (Japan, Australia, India, U.S.) pact, NATO members meeting their % of budget commitments, trade deals with S. Korea and Japan, Afghan pullout deal with Taliban (not completed), USMCA (NAFTA replacement), moving our Israel embassy to Jerusalem, Space Force, terrorist countries travel bans, COvID travel bans, Operation Warpspeed, using Defense Production Act to produce ventilators and PPP, etc.

ChillFin said...

Good starts all. How many are enduring to date? Thank you ex-President for your good work. Now concede that you lost in a full and fair election and we will proceed now that Mr Biden has the ball.

And as for the election fraud, where is the evidence, and, if found, who's to say that the ballot stuffing was not all for Trump?