Sunday, January 23, 2022

Bite My Tongue!

I know I am a conspiracy nut … but the fact that the U.S. is withdrawing Americans from Ukraine has me putting the puzzle pieces together. Has Biden been blackmailed by Putin (remember the $3.5 million wire transfer to Hunter from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow?) into allowing Russia to annex the eastern part of Ukraine? Biden’s gaffe at his press conference suggests just that (“a minor incursion”).

President Biden’s foggy brain frequently confuses reality with ruse … remember his confession about the election fraud operation? So, kind readers, my conspiracy bell is ringing again … and, if Putin first takes a nibble off of Ukraine before gobbling up the whole country, don’t say that I wasn’t prescient.

The real problem is, of course, that this conspiracy could deepen rapidly with China making a move on Taiwan … and Russia also annexing Belarus. Bingo! … then all hell could break lose everywhere … including our sending troops … or worse …  all because of the crack-addled son of our president.

Bite my tongue!



ChillFin said...

After the Afghanistan withdrawal that seemed to not put enough emphasis on getting out early to all who really don't need or want to be there, I applaud this heads-up to Americans in the Ukraine.

The positions of Ukraine and Taiwan are quite different.

Ukraine was part of the USSR less than a generation ago. Most West Ukrainians are ethnically Russians. Now that the Ukraine is in NATO, we have an obligation to provide equivalent support as other NATO members. Taking the lead in diplomacy is good. Sanctions are good. No boots on the ground.

Taiwan is a different story. They are near mainland China. They call themselves the People's Republic of China. They have AFAIK never been part of mainland China. They are a non-NATO ally. Again, US takes the lead in diplomacy. Sanctions are good. No boots on the ground.

Consider that if we threaten to take over Cuba. We would not want to see Chinese and Russian assets in our hemisphere.

ChillFin said...

That was meant to be East Ukrainians, not West.

George W. Potts said...

The Ukraine is not in NATO and Russia has insisted that they not be … and this is the supposed excuse Russia is using for its threatened invasion. More likely, Putin wants to re-establish the SSRs. (it already has many “mercenaries” in Ukraine … and soldiers in Belarus.)

ChillFin said...

My bad. Ukraine would like to be in NATO. It is not. Russia would like them not to be. In either case, not our neighborhood, not our cause. We do NOT want war with Russia. Or China.

George W. Potts said...

You sure you haven’t been watching Tucker Carlson?

ChillFin said...

No. Why? What is Tucker saying?

George W. Potts said...

Stay out of Ukraine … we have no national interest there!