Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow Job

I take the occasion of a once in three lifetime’s snow in Cairo to comment again on the lunacy emanating out of the Church of Al Gore and the Latter-Day Kooks.  As most now know the whole notion of “global warming” has morphed into “climate change” because this is harder to dispute.  Yes, the world’s climate does change … it has for eons … but how carbon dioxide which is said to cause atmospheric heat retention can make the planet colder requires a little mind bending.  But the polar-bear-huggers, having been backed into a climate corner, do try to pull off this silly shenanigan.

Most of the signposts … that were used to panic some people into turning down their thermostats and sitting through boring propaganda movies … have now disappeared.  A flotilla of boats is now silently being crushed in the “northwest passage” by ice that wasn’t supposed to be there.  Historic low temperatures have been recorded in Antarctica.  And, as best as can be determined, the world’s temperature has been flat for the last fifteen years … despite the continued outpouring of that evil gas, CO2, by the industrialization of the developing world.

The planet doesn’t "have a fever,” it is those scientists and politicos who have sucked billions of pelf out of naive governments who are feeling a bit of ague.

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