Monday, December 23, 2013


On the next to last day of Obamacare sign-ups, our Hawaii-vacationing fearless leader has, according to his press release, gone on the website to sign up for an Obamacare insurance plan (ha ha … sure he has …).  Now, President Obama has a live-in doctor always at his and his family’s beck and call … so this bronze-level registration is admitted to be only a symbolic gesture.

If President Obama really wants to engage in a meaningful symbolic act, I would prefer him to have foregone his three week, four million dollar taxpayer-funded junket to Honolulu.  Perhaps he might have just spent a long Christmas/New Years week in the hills of Maryland … at Camp David.  This then would save us enough money to cover Kathleen Sibelius’s pink-slip payments, Michele Obama’s wagyu steaks, and John Kerry’s Botox injections.

We, unfortunately, really do have an imperial President …

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