Saturday, December 07, 2013


President Obama’s management style is inattentiveness … fund raisers, golf, and his March-Madness brackets always have precedence over the business of governing.  This might be less of a flaw if our fearless leader had surrounded himself with competent managers instead of political hacks.  But, as it turns out, this administration failing is both good and bad.

We are seeing much of the malignant results in the Obamacare debacle, our still-suffering economy (despite the recent unemployment rate), and our many foreign policy disasters.  It seems to this observer that, any time a policy issue does make it onto Obama’s radar screen, he guides it into a mountain side.  These management flaws are too often adroitly covered up by his likable folksy nature and political spin that rivals Hurricane Katrina ... dished out by his legions of acolytes (including that common streetwalker, Jay Carney.)

But some beneficial results also occur due to his and his administration’s inattentiveness.  Many pockets of our government, when left to their own devices, still are achieving remarkable results … witness the Republican-led deficit reduction programs, our nation's drive toward energy independence, the development in Area 51 of a super-secret high-altitude drone (see: Foreign Policy Article) and, I do believe, the Bin Laden and Somali pirate killings. There are surely other national successes that have escaped Obama's heavy hand.  Perhaps if he were encouraged to play even more golf ...?

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