Monday, December 02, 2013

Pie in the Sky

First lady Michelle Obama apparently likes things over the top.  So it was with pies on Thanksgiving.  This past Thursday there were nine pie types on the White House’s groaning larder-board … pumpkin (of course), pecan, sweet potato, peach, apple, coconut cream, chocolate cream, banana cream, and huckleberry.  (What, no lemon meringue?!) And for the rest of her turkey-day feast menu see … NY Times Story.

Last Christmas Michelle splashed 54 gaily-decorated Christmas trees around the White House … a place where the first family wouldn’t even be on the day that these trees memorialized … see: Oh Oh Tannenbaums.  Somehow, Michelle’s penchant for overdoing things with her fabulous fetes and glittery galas brings to mind that famous French first lady ... the one who favored cake.

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