Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rhymes with Duck

I’ve never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty … but I’ve a pretty good idea about why it is so popular (the #1 cable show of all time).  It, like Sarah Palin, appeals to vast Middle America, fly-over country, the family-values backbone of an otherwise increasingly squishy anything-goes Gomorrah.  And this show also espouses Christian values (gasp!) … something that makes cable executives cringe.  If it weren’t for the astronomic ratings and the sponsors’ fat checkbooks, Duck Dynasty would never have made it out of season one.

Now Phil Robertson, the patriarch of this clan has pissed off the Arts and Entertainment (A and E) Channel execs with his frank comments just published in GQ Magazine … for the straight skinny see: Hollywood Reporter Story.  Now, I can see why our increasingly (in)tolerant zeitgeist cannot cotton such hetero speak out of a born-again Christian and so Phil has been put in the network’s penalty box. But a gay male couple, also on A and E (Storage Wars, New York), has stated just the opposite … in equally graphic terms … and remains in good standing at this network … see: TMZ Story/ ... not surprising to me in the least.

I don’t know the terms of the Robertsons’ contract with A and E, but I think that, if at all legally possible, their true Christian witnessing would require the Robertson tribe to quit A and E en mass and suggest, in a benign and loving Christian way of course, that the executives of this network participate in some contortionistic auto-erotic behavior.

Afterwards: Here is the response from the Robertson family: Robertson Statement. However it contains no family suggestion for the A and E execs.  Drat.

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