Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Niqab Curtain

The Niqab Face-Veil

Now that Egypt is fully radicalized … given that the Muslim-Brotherhood’s rammed-through constitution has been “endorsed” by the people and signed into law by Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, it looks very much like this previous tourist attraction will cut itself off from the Western World and follow in the tracks of Iran back into the 8th century ... causing Israel (and the United States) fits over the coming years … see: Egypt's Constitution Becomes Law

Our current Administration (read Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) not only did not resist this event, it is pretty clear that they helped bring it about.  There is a very interesting chronology of how this abetting took place in the following article … please read it in its entirety and don’t be surprised if a few scales fall from your eyes … see: Egypt's Avoidable Descent

To me the big question is … why?  Why would we create in Egypt the same kind of problems that we have been experiencing with Iran (and Syria) for more than 30 years?  Are we banging our heads against another wall only because the first one was so soft?  Are we allowing the Middle East to morph into one huge caliphate because it will benefit any of our foreign policy interests?  Hardly.

I can only come up with one admittedly far-fetched answer.  Hillary and Barack are joined at the hip over their deep-seated hatred of Israel.  They have both signaled this animus over and over again … yet it is continually papered over by most media outlets.  This hatred must be enormous for this daring-duo to allow what is clearly going to transpire over the coming decades when this caliphate is being formed … with one Muslim country after another being swept into the gravitational influence of this Sharia-law black hole.  Just as Churchill recognized in 1946 that an Iron Curtain was being pulled across Eastern Europe, so a niqab is now being drawn over the face of the Middle East.  And it's clearly very much a product of our current Administration's demented doing (just as the Iron Curtain was an outgrowth of FDR's failing health.)

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