Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wagyu Beef

China has just surpassed the United States in the volume of its foreign trade; it has the world’s second largest GNP … and is expected to surpass the U.S. in this decade; the U.S. owes China over one trillion dollars … with billions more to come; and now it has outshone Uncle Sam on one more front … humility.  The Chinese have now decreed that ostentatious displays of power and privilege for the ruling classes are now forbidden … and that the nation’s media need no longer fawn at the feet of the plutocrats.  See:  Telegraph Article.  Wow!  Double wow!!

I just wrote a blog entry on how our White House has erected 54 Christmas trees (see: Oh Oh Tannenbaum) and it was recently revealed that U.S. taxpayers spent $1.4 billion last year on the trappings of our President and his family.  Moreover our national media and East/West Coast glitterati can’t lavish praise enough on our current leadership.  I guess if Barack Obama really want’s to go down in history as another Abe Lincoln, he needs to take a lesson from the Chinese … and lay off the wagyu beef ...

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