Sunday, December 02, 2012


Foreign Policy magazine is respected as one of the premier sources for what is happening in international affairs.  It has just published a detailed account of  the Obama administration's position vis-a-vis Iranian sanctions ... and it is not pretty.  Please read it here and then return for a few comments from your blogger.

As you read, the Senate just passed an amendment to a National Defense Authorization Act with a 94-0 vote ... that imposes a series of harsher sanctions on Iran.  Democrat Senator Menendez of New Jersey, one sponsor of this amendment says, "The window is closing.  The time for the waiting game is over."  Yet our administration is opposed to these new sanctions based upon administrivia ... in other words, it continues to pussyfoot around in its dealings with Iran and the "existential threat"  posed by its nuclear ambitions.

What is, to me, more damaging in this article is that it also explains that the tough sanctions that were imposed on Iran last year (and which were bragged about by Obama in his debate with Romney)  grew out of another Senate action which was passed 100-0 and which this administration also opposed with equally appeasing language  Please reread the last paragraph in this article for more insight into what possibly is the real position of Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton on Iran.  To me it is obvious that, despite their rhetoric, they would not be unhappy when Iran finally acquires the bomb.  This is something that has been obvious to me for a long time.

One final thought -- last year the Senate vote for tougher sanctions was 100-0.   This year, the vote was 94-0.  I wonder if the six Senators who sat out this year's vote somehow are vying for the Secretary of State position?

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