Thursday, May 08, 2014

Hollywood Navel Gazing

It seems that President Obama is spending more and more time among his friends in Hollywood … and they, in turn, seek out his company to justify their importance … see: Variety Story. I think that Rush Limbaugh once wrote that Washington, DC is Hollywood for ugly people. So it stands to reason that these two centers of power and influence like to sit in one big drug- and alcohol-enhanced circle gazing at their navels.

In this frenzy of self-congratulations, Obama reinforces their cockamamie ideas and they empty their wallets and purses for his political war chest … all very very cozy and incestuous. Hollywood believes that it is the paragon of tolerance and diversity while doing its level best to ostracize any poor schlub who doesn’t follow its political orthodoxy (hello Mel Gibson) … echoing the black lists of the 1940’s and 1950’s … only from the obverse side. In fact, Hollywood is so wrapped up in the current political correctness that it most often chooses to ignore opportunities to make money from movies that would appeal to a broader conservative audience … all very strange and illogical.

President Obama’s rhetoric castigates the one-percenters as he preaches to a tent-full of this very demographic … the one percent of the one-percenters. Do these court favorites then get to feel freed of this stigma because their President laughs and jokes with them?  I think so. And does the President get his jollies hobnobbing with all these botoxed bimbos and bozos? Clearly.

These days I find it next to impossible to find any movie of merit coming out of all this Hollywood navel gazing. But then that’s just me.

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Anonymous said...

Some people can actually see their navels.