Friday, April 03, 2009

New World Order

It appears President and Michelle Obama have helped create a new conviviality among world leaders. See the G20 Results. Michelle Obama snookered up to Queen Elizabeth in a very forward but seemingly accepted manner. See Hug a Mug. And Barack Obama unexpectedly bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia. See Your Highness. But these gaffs aside, our President did help calm the waters between China and France over dealing with financial tax havens (see “G20 Results” reference). Even Dmitry Medvedev of Russia hailed Obama as “my new comrade” (at once, both a fraternal and frightening appellation.) But, giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, the G20 world economic summit seems to have been a winner for the good ole U.S.A.

Time will, of course, tell. But at least it appears that the world has endorsed our smiling savior as its new matinee idol. And I will acknowledge that this group embrace is a dollop of gravy on an otherwise dreary meal of economic gristle.

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DEN said...

It's killing you, isn't it?