Monday, March 20, 2023


Democrats have been having their way with America for the last 15 years … despite a Republican in the White House for four of those years. They have gotten away with just about every form of mis- and malfeasance short of murder … and I can’t say the latter with confidence.

Am I saying Republicans have clean hands? No! But the complicity of virtually all American institutions … including the media … in the Dems message dominance has fostered the hubris in their ranks that is nauseating

Last month the House had a hearing on the Twitter files … in which the Democrats had once again shown their stripes … against free speech, honest journalism and for censorship … see: Powerline post. Which includes a short video exhibiting the inanity of the Dems. They have been on the winning side so often … due to their friends in the media, that they now longer do their homework.


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