Monday, March 20, 2023



Russian President Putin visits occupied city of Mariupol

Crunch time for Credit Suisse as UBS seeks Swiss assurances

Biden says he’s ‘really not Irish’ because he’s sober, doesn’t have relatives in jail

MAGA voters say indictment helps reelection … Musk predicts Trump would win ‘a landslide victory’

Wyoming governor signs bill prohibiting abortion pills

Midsized U.S. banks reportedly ask FDIC to insure all deposits for two years

Experts say Manhattan DA’s Trump case rests on shaky legal and ethical ground

Israelis protest for 11th week against judicial reform …

Sickle cell disease used to be a death sentence. Things have changed.

Despite mass layoffs led by Meta, it’s still difficult to fill tech jobs

Psaki says she felt like an ‘orderly in an insane asylum’ in White House briefing room

Jan. 6 investigation biggest in history, only half done …


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