Saturday, March 25, 2023

Another Mean Tweet


Perhaps a bit of residual autism … an inability to read social cues …  that has plagued him his entire life. 

Certainly, anger brought on by the constant onslaught by his enemies trying to destroy him by any means, legal or often illegal.

And clearly his oversized ego also played a factor too … in Donald Trump’s lashing out on social media at DA Alvin Bragg for his obvious extra-judicial persecution in search of a grand jury prosecution of our ex-president.

It might even be a taunt trying to goad Bragg into even more irrationality in what Trump wants to be a handcuffed arrest that will outrage his base.

Probably all four caused Trump to issue an all-to-obvious juxtaposed-imaged threat to bash Bragg in the head with a baseball bat … which caused leagions of pearl-clutches to predict his certain and final political demise.

Trump did take down this taunt … but not before the damage was done. This image will be justification for even greater polarization of the American public into the Trump bifurcation … a plot for a Greek tragedy.

The rub is: neither I nor any of you Pilgrims really yet know who will prevail in this melodrama.


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